Victoria 10 Pellet Stove (Red)


The Victoria 10 Pellet fireplace is made from steel, a stylish and reliable material that ensures wood burns efficiently. With an average of 8kW produced, it is ideal for spaces of up to 100m². It is highly energy-efficient, providing 86% efficiency. The fireplace comes with a fan that helps regulate your air supply, ensuring you get an optimal, self-controlled heat and automatically controlled combustion air. The automatic ignition system allows you to start the fire with a simple click of a button and the internal temperature sensor ensures you have control over the heat all times.

Weight: 125.0000 kg

Dimensions: 47.8000 × 55.7000 × 104.5000 cm

Material: Steel

Fuel Type: Pellet

Power Output kW: 8kW – 10kW

Nominal Output (Kw): 8

Heating Area: 77m² – 96m²

Efficiency %: 86%

Flue Outlet: Back

Flue Diameter: 80mm

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