Trevi 1100


The Solzaima Trevi 1100 is a large capacity feature fireplace meant to have a commanding presence in any space. The Trevi is efficient, well designed and can be used as a open or closed fireplace. Open for that cosy fire crackling in the background while sipping wine and closed for some serious warming in cold nights. The Trevi is the very definition of panoramic while remaining sleek and clean-lined.

The Trevi 1100 has a easy to use lift up door that does away with having to swing a hot door open to refuel as well as a ingenious door releasing system for easy access should you need to clean the inside of the glass.

The Trevi 1100 has a impressive convection system that allows for effective heat circulation throughout the home.Turn that built in braai in your living area into an effective elegant feature.

• Max Heating Volume (m³) – 640

• Nominal Efficiency (kW) – 21.7

• Power Output (kW) – 15,2 – 28,2

• Nominal Power (%) – 77

• Consumption Efficiency Wood/Hour (kg) – 6

• Wood Size (mm) – 700

• Weight (kg) – 289

• Chimney Diameter (mm) – 200

• Needed Depression In The Fireplace (pa) – 12

• Efficiency – 77%

• Wood consumption/hour – 6,7 Kg

• Maximum heat volume – 640 m³






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