Dovre Astroline Series

The Astroline is a modern line in the Dovre’s range of high-quality stoves. A refined contemporary design has deliberately been chosen, which allows Astroline stoves to fit well into many different interior styles.

Astroline design stoves feature a special glass aeration system, air wash, which helps keep your door glass clean for longer. That way you can fully enjoy the fascinating view of the fire!

Thanks to the unique secondary combustion system these stoves are among the first to comply with new stricter emission standards. What’s more, it results in optimal performance!

These design stoves are available in wood version (CB) or in multi fuel version (MF).

Modern Design

Before long, cast iron was considered unsuitable for use in stoves with modern design. With its range of modern stoves Dovre consigns this prejudice to the waste bin.

The new Dovre range opts firmly for contemporary, functional design. All the appliances fit perfectly in different interior styles.