Dovre – Astroline 3 Series

What will this cost me installed?

The new Dovre Astroline Series features a contemporary, functional, cast iron design which makes it the perfect installation for all interiors and styles. The Astroline 3 offers you a 180° view of the fire through its prismatic-angled side glass panels and its large main window.This fireplace is available in 2 design variations for you to choose from and the available stand options are the 3CB/P or 3MF/P (on pedestal) and the 3CB/WB or 3MF/WB (with wood box). The Astroline 3 series is available in a wood version (CB) and a multi fuel version (MF). The MF version is available on order only. Prices, dimensions and weight: between options.Combustion and efficiency are also aided by the option of connecting to an eternal air connection which can reduce draughts within your room. The combustion chamber is lined with Chamotte vermiculite firebrick, loads 25cm logs; the ash pan is removable for an easy clean and you have the option of a top and rear flue exit. This model comes with the latest Clean Burn and Air Wash technology. The Astroline 3 features a patented ‘twin baffle plate’ and a glass aeration system that directs secondary combustion gases along the glass for a window that stays cleaner for longer. These fireplaces are among the first to comply with new stricter emission standards.
Dovre is certified to CE standards; fireplaces produce minimal environmental impact, are imported from Belgium and come with a 5 year limited warranty. 

Weight: 145 kg
Dimensions (depth x width x height): 42 × 51.5 × 114 cm
Configuration: Multi fuel on Pedestal, Multi fuel on Wood base, Wood burning on Pedestal, Wood burning on Wood base
Efficiency: 76.40%
Heating Area: 63 m2
Output kW: 2.5 – 10
Material: Cast iron
Colour: Black
Flue Configuration: Top and Rear

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