Dovre 760 Cb Wood Burning Only

A rustic fireplace with a large glass door with air wash, Side door for loading wood from the side and a separate ash pan door. Available standard as a multi-fuel and anthracite fireplace (GM), but also available as wood burning (CB). The CB version available on order only. An anthracite hopper is standard equipment for the GM

Weight: 210 kg

Dimensions (depth x width x height): 58 × 78 × 80 cm

Energy Source: Wood

Material: Cast iron

Colour: Black

Heating Area range: 50 – 100

Output range: 8 – 13 kW

Flue Width: 150 mm

Efficiency: 75.00%

Weight: 180kg

Heating Area: 84 m2

Output kW: 3.7 – 13

Flue Configuration: Top and Rear

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