Dovre 350 Cb Wood-Burning Cast Iron

The Dovre Modern Series features a fresh, modish style of freestanding traditional stoves and fireplaces. Manufactured out of cast iron, the Dovre 350 CB features compact dimensions, adjustable legs and a stainless steel handle to suit both modern and traditional interiors.The combustion chamber loads 33cm logs and the ash pan is removable for an easy clean. This model comes with the latest Clean Burn and Air Wash technology. Dovre stoves feature a glass aeration system that directs secondary combustion gases along the window by means of a spoiler for a window that stays clean for longer. The 350 CB has a top, rear and side flue exit option.Dovre is certified to CE standards, is imported from Belgium and comes with a 5 year limited warranty.

Dimensions (depth x width x height): 47.5 × 43 × 71.5 cm

Energy Source: Wood

Material: Cast iron

Colour: Black

Heating Area range: 50 – 100

Output range: 8 – 13 kW

Flue Width: 125 mm

Efficiency: 77.00%

Weight: 95kg

Heating Area: 70 m2

Output kW: 6 – 8

Flue Configuration: Top and Rear

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