Dovre 2576Cbsc Wood-Burning + Fan + 5Ml Trim

The 2576CBSC/B is a modern insert with a large glass door, a choice of frame options and a fan assisted convection system which makes it a dynamic choice for your installation. The door opens to right and is easily converted to opening on the left. The unit features 2 built-in adjustable fans with a fan flow rate of 250 m³ (125 m3 each) / h; an electrical connection of 230 V; 2 hot air ducting outlets, a thermostat switch and a fan speed regulator.The 2576CBSC/B insert is manufactured with a 2mm mild steel convection box and a solid firing floor with an ash hatch for efficient wood burning. The 2576CBSC/B burns wood and wood compressed briquettes. The combustion chamber comfortably loads 50cm logs and there is a removable ash pan. A self-opening damper prevents smoke escaping into the room when the door is opened and the unit comes with Clean Burn and Air Wash technology. A double combustion system creates a secondary burn which results in higher heat efficiency and cleaner smoke emissions. Dovre stoves feature a glass aeration system that directs secondary combustion gases along the glass for a window that stays cleaner for longer and stoves comply with new stricter emission standards. The unit comes with a top flue exit. There is also an option to connect to an external air intake.An ‘optional extra’ kit to change the door opening direction is available. Trim plates options are plano (flat), minimalistic, or 4-sided trim of 20mm or 40mm or 70mm (prices may vary).Dovre fireplaces produce minimal environmental impact and are certified to CE standards. Dovre is imported from Belgium, and comes with a 5 year limited warranty.

Dimensions (depth x width x height): 50 × 67 × 64.5 cm

Energy Source: Wood

Material: Cast iron

Colour: Black

Heating Area range: >100

Output range: 8 – 13 kW

Flue Width: 150 mm

Efficiency: 75.90%

Weight: 160kg

Heating Area: 77 m2

Output kW: 10 – 12

Flue Configuration: Top

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