Charnwood Cove 2

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The Cove Range features a contemporary design, with a single door and a large window for viewing the fire. The Cove I2 comes with a ‘push-in and pull-out’ Quattro Flow Air Intake, which is an air management system using a single control to manage the burning rate of the fire; with an option of an external air intake.It has a Multi-Fuel Converter Grate with a patented riddle mechanism, where a lever on the side of the stove controls a series of cast iron grate bars. The bars can be set as closed in a flatbed position for burning wood or be set open for burning anthracite. The grate is controlled externally, so this can be done with the door closed, while the fireplace is loaded and under fire.The combustion chamber takes a maximum log length of 55 cm. Comes with a warm touch handle, Schott Robax Glass in the door, a Clean Burn Air Wash System and a drop down throat plate which enables chimney sweeping via the fireplace. The Cove II can be pre-ordered with an optional 24 cm store stand (photo shown is without the stand). You have a choice of ordering optional convection side panels which are available in various colours at an additional charge. Comes instandard black, with a choice of 7 extra ‘special order’ colours. This fireplace is suited to heat a medium sized room.Imported from the Isle of Wight, the U.K. and comes with a 10-year limited guarantee.

Dimensions (depth x width x height): 41 × 55 × 66 cm

Material: Cast iron / steel

Heating Area range: 50 – 100

Energy Source: Multi fuel

Colour: Almond, Black, Blue, Bronze, Brown, Green, Gunmetal, Pewter

Flue Width: 150 mm

Efficiency: 74.70%

Weight: 127kg

Heating Area: 100 m2

Output range: 8 – 13 kW

Output kW: 3 – 11

Flue Configuration: Top and Rear

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