Charnwood Country 8


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The Country 8 is a popular size in the Country range. The two doors again allow a nice view of the fire from any angle. The options for the Country 8 are the same as the 6 & 12 including a clip on shelf and a slide-on hood for a completely different look. Maximum output of the unit sits at 11 KW.Rated according to UK testing with an outside temperature of -1C. Boiler plate steel and cast iron construction for best control or your fire. This fireplace will heat around 275 m of room space.

Charnwood Country 8 Specs:

Boiler plate steel with cast iron door.Air-wash system to improve glass cleaning and efficiency.Brass door catch with removable tool to allow opening and closing without injury.Brass knob finish on air intake sliders and secondary air intake mechanism.Multi-fuel grate.Ash pan.Top or rear flue option.

Weight: 105Kg

Height: 59 cms

Width: 53 cms

Depth: 51 cms

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