Carbel Kronos – Vermiculite Board

CARBEL’S line of cassette fireplace inserts…efficient and environmentally friendly!

Discover our modern and wide-ranging line of fireplace inserts. The broad range of models features fine design, advanced technology and an improved Combustion Plus System.

You will be able to choose the model that best suits your needs – in terms of size and features. We offer the possibility of customising the combustion chamber to your model, choosing from among Vermiculite, ECO (steel), o White Refractory Cement. You can also select the type of frame best suited to your installation.

All our models include a quiet and reliable ventilation system as a standard feature. Our cassettes are highly efficient. Their excellent energy efficiency rate of over 78% allow them to generate more heat with lower firewood use.

Please revert to the frames section under CARBEL for the prices on the frame options.

Beware of locally produced imitations which are not European certified or tested, their heat ratings and efficiencies cannot be confirmed !!

A fine balance between size and performance makes these models the ideal solution for most installations.

– Larger combustion chamber.

– Optional exterior air intake.

– Front air outlet adjustment system.

Certified by: TÜV Rheinland

Frame options :

– 4,5cm frame

– 9cm frame

– Passepartout

– Chrystal frame [glass]

4-way fans:

Operation at minimum speed

Operation at maximum speed.

Operation with automatic safety thermostat, the ventilation system is automatically activated when detecting 45º or more in the bottom of the insert

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