Canature Taurus Si Double Sided Insert


The Taurus SI Double Sided Insert is a medium sized, modern fireplace with straight lines and a large window for viewing the fire. It features primary and secondary combustion for improved efficiency and combustion.The large window is kept clean and soot free with airwash technology, and the unit heats through convection and radiation. Features a top flue exit, a vermiculite firebrick lining and a steel baffle. The combustion chamber comfortably loads 45cm logs.Canature uses Canadian design and technological features, and is manufactured in and imported from China. It comes with a 3 year limited warranty on the firebox and stove body, and a 1 year limited warranty on the fireplace.

Dimensions (depth x width x height):40 × 65 × 51 cm

Heating Area range: 50 – 100

Output range: 8 – 13 kW

Output kW:9

Weight: 110kg

Energy Source: Wood

Material: Steel

Flue Width: 150 mm

Efficiency: 73.00%

Heating Area: 90 m2

Multiple glass configuration: Double sided

Flue Configuration: Top

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