January 2020

Top 10 best-selling SlowCombustion Stoves of 2019

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At the start of a new year, we’re going to take time to reflect on the best-selling Freestanding and Insert Build in Slow Combustion Stoves and Fireplaces of 2019. Here’s a rundown of the stoves bought from us last year.

1. Heeta 600LB Freestanding 13kw

It’s a non-mover at the top of the charts. Once again, the Heeta 600LB Freestanding Slow Combustion Fireplace is our best-selling stove of the year. An affordable price tag, generous heat output and timeless styling help to explain this stove’s enduring popularity.

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2. Carbel Kronos 100 Slow combustion Insert Fireplace Stove with Fans 17kw

2018’s third best-selling stove moved up to second spot in 2019. The Kronos 100 is the Big Brother of the 80 Kronos. It boasts many of the same features – a Super Clean appearence steel construction and excellent value for money – so it’s no surprise that it continues to prove popular among people looking for a very well priced top of the range slow combustion stove. Take a closer look.

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3. HydroFire Torino Slow Combustion Stove 11kw

It drops down one place in the best-sellers list for 2019. The 11 kW heat output is enough for most medium sized rooms and this is by far the best value for money stove on the market. This unit is ideal for large entry level housing developments.

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4. Nordflam Ivory 9kw

Having launched early 2019, the Nordflam Ivory 9kw enjoyed its first full year sales in 2019. The impression it has made on our customers is now clear. Its clean lines, contemporary design and large viewing window have contributed towards making it one of our most popular woodburners.

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5. Heeta 950 Slow Combustion Insert 16kw

2019 was Its first season and what a debut it was. By far the best Kilowatt to Rand Value-for-money slow combustion stove on the market. We are backing this unit to end in the top 2 by the end of 2020.

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6. Levit Suspended Fireplace 8kw

The Levit suspended fireplace enables you to finish off your indoor or outdoor living space, combining the restorative properties of fire with a contemporary designer fireplace – functional art! Did very well in the high end market in 2019 but due to the sensitive price it struggled to reach the top 5.

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7. Nordflam Toria 15kw

A big success story of 2019, the Nordflam Toria 15kw was new to the market last year. It has proven to be a big hit with our customers and goes straight into the top 10. It might have featured even higher up the list if its immediate popularity hadn’t resulted in it going out of stock a couple of times during the year. It boasts minimal lines, an attractive viewing pane and modern detailing.

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8. Canature Deco Maxi Freestanding Slow Combustion Stove 13kw

The Canature Deco Maxi is a non-mover at 8 in our best-sellers list. A stove that was launched in 2014, this appliance features an eye-catching contemporary design, including its arched viewing pane and stylish legs.

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9. Godin Silinda Slow Combustion Freestanding Stove 7kw

The best Selling Round Silindrical cast iron wood stove of 2019. Nuff said!

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10. Charnwood Island Freestanding Slow Combustion stove 8kw

British manufacturer Charnwood`s Island range offers its trademark clean, contemporary design at an affordable price. The Island 8kw was the most popular of its stoves in 2019. In common with other Charnwood stoves, it features gentle curves, an understated design and high quality cast ironsteel construction.

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Not found what you’re looking for? Browse our full range of woodburners.

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